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Throughout the years we have been to several conventions. Our experience is that more often than not cynical businessmen (not tattooers) are pulling the strings, exploiting our craft, and not caring too much about the quality of work presented at said conventions. We choose a different path. We are making a smaller convention with high standards regarding the well being of the artist and in regard to the skills of tattooing.

Joakim B. Olsen -  This pioneer was the youngest tattooer to open his own shop. This was back in 1992 and it was only the 4th tattoo studio in the country at the time. He still tattoos to this day.

Martin Enger - Martin was taken on as Joakim’s apprentice in 2002 and works alongside him still. He has since become one of Norway’s leading tattooers pushing a modern take on the Japanese and Western traditional styles.

Jimmy Duvall - This globetrotter has been tattooing since 2001. He is highly regarded in our community and is known to deliver the crispiest and boldest tattoos this side of the fjord.


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